The Vision

Straight Paths is an innitiative to encourage and develop radical disciples of

Jesus Christ at Eden Children’s Village in Doma, Zimbabwe. We believe radical

love for God and all people will result in drammatic impact on this planet in

every way.

This is our aim: To introduce these beloved sons and daughters

of God to the lived-out Gospel of Jesus.

We are centered on Jesus Christ, devoted to His glory and

Gospel and are pursuing Him with everything within us. Straight Paths is

currently in the inital phases of fund-raising and launch.

We currently have 7 young men committed to pouring out

their lives into full-time disciple-making and missionary endeavor whever the

Lord may lead.

Please join us in praying for Straight Paths at Eden.

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How will you make Disciples at Straight Paths Eden?


Dependence on God: Prayer

We believe we can do NOTHING without abiding in Jesus Christ. With this reality in mind, prayer, and communion with God through prayer is of the utmost importance to our Discipleship philosophy. We are given the grace to know God and we pursue knowing Him well!

Renewing our Minds: Studying God's Word

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it contains revelation of the person and will of God for His children. We seek to immerse every student in a culture of study and application of God’s Word as authoritative in the life of a born-again follower of Jesus Christ!

Continuing Jesus' Earthly Ministry

We seek to walk with Disciples and lead them by example in seeking to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost souls, trusting that He will stretch out His hand with accompanying signs and wonders to make Himself known in this world. This includes daily, intentional outreach, witnessing and prayer in the local community.

Sustainable, Tent-Making Evangelists

We long to see every one of our Disciples learn a vocational trade so that he or she can support his or her own family or life without being a burden or financial liability on the villages and new churches that they plant as they go out with the Gospel! This is a vision for Sustainable-Church-Planting.


Edwin Makunda

Edwin Makunda

Disciple and Discipler, 20 years as an active, African Pastor. He LOVES Jesus and wants to see everyone know Him! Dedicated in every fashion of the word, Edwin's faith is always full of action.

Debbie Lenthall

Debbie Lenthall

Debs is the head of the girls side of discipleship at Eden. Deb has a passionate desire to see all the young women at Eden knowing they are loved by God and valuable in His sight. We look forward to integrating the girls discipleship program into Straight Paths very soon!

Ian Fry

Ian Fry

Disciple and Missionary Discipler. 5 years of ministry as an adult and 13 years living in Zimbabwe. He is passionate to see young men and women discipled, empowered and comissioned to serve Jesus radically, passionately and sacrificially.

There will be several more disciplers joining the team soon, but we cannot announce them yet!

Please keep praying for more passionate discipler-makers to join us!

Support an Indigenous Missionary

Several young men who have grown up at Eden have discerned the calling of God to go into the world to serve Him and proclaim His love in Jesus Christ. They are the first generation disciples ready to go and seek the next generation and sow the seeds of the Gospel believing for Kingdom Multiplication in rural Zimbabwe and to the ends of the earth.

Help Get God's Word into People's Hands

We believe "faith comes by hearing, and hearing from the word of Christ."(Rom.10:17) By faith, we long to get print and solar audio Bibles into the hands of every village, family, and person in our district by 2020. Printed Shona Bibles cost an average of $10 and are quite readily available in the capital city at this time. We would like to distribute 2,000 every year through evangelism and church planting. Will you join us?

Help Feed the Hungry

Help feed 165 orphans, 125 employees and their families. In a nation where purchasing food is not alway a guarantee, cropping is absolutely essential to survival for everyone.

Help Heal the Sick

The Clinic is our greatest outreach tool into the greater community of the Doma region. We treat nearly 300 people per week entirely free of charge and you can make this ministry of compassion continue! You can help us extend the loving, healing hands of Jesus to the sick and fearful of this region.

Help Build a Cottage

You can Impact 1 Life by helping to build a home for 10 orphans and 2 care-givers. Zimbabwe currently has an estimated 1.75 million orphaned children and capacity to care for only about 5% of those children in government-sanctioned residential care. Please consider helping us to impact more of these precious, eternal souls with the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus!

Sponsor a Child

Your life and generosity can make a dramatic impact on the life of a Zimbabwean child. Join us in making a holistic impact in the lives of these beloved children. You'll never regret your investment in these incredible lives, we promise!