Grain Crop Production

The primary purpose of all agriculture at Eden is to feed people! With that goal in mind, we necessarily engage in grain crop production of Corn (Maize), Soybeans, and Sunflowers. More information about each follows below.

Livestock Production

The livestock at Eden also serve our primary purpose, to feed people! We are blessed to have cattle, goats, laying hens and broiler chickens, all with the express goal of giving balanced and high quailty diet to every person at Eden.

Vegetable and Herb Production

Variety and balance in the diet is key to human immune function. With the goal of providing holistic health, we endeavor to provide balanced nutrition and quality vegetables and fruit for every person at Eden.

Beef and Milk Production.

49 cattle producing 90 litres per day, 11 steers giving 150 kgs every month for consumption.

Egg and Meat Production

400 laying hens producing 320 eggs daily. When they stop laying, they make good stew!

Goat Meat and Milk Production

65 goats giving 5 litres per day and providing enough meat for 1 week each month for all children in our care.

Broiler Chicken Production

330 broilers per month giving 495 kgs of chicken for human consumption.

Children in our homes.

Community Based Care Children

Emloyees and their families.


Glory to God!

Agriculture achieving multiple purposes:

Feeding the People

The goal of feeding the many hungry people at Eden and in emergency situations in the community around us is accomplished through agriculture. By producing quality crops and livestock, Eden is able to benefit the chlidren, staff and greater community in many ways that would be impossible to procure with finances alone.

Poverty assistance through employment creation.

Employment is extremely hard to procure in Zimbabwe and is least available in rural areas. Many families literaly live without any monetary income and survive through barter trading. The agriculture programme at Eden provides employment for 45 men and women, many of whom have absolutely no other way to make money for basic necessities.

Vocational education in practical skills.

Eden’s agricultural endeavors provide opportunities for those students who plan to remain in the rural areas to prepare for adult life by gaining practical skills in aninmal husbandry, small scale crop production and fruit and vegetable propogation. This gives our children the best possible chance of succeeding in the rural context as self-employed farmers and passionate believers.

Jesus met real physical needs in the exact manner that the need required. Farming at Eden provides the specific physical need for sustenance of the body with food. Our chief aim is to supply staple foods for all orphans and staff, in Jesus’ name and to the glory of God the Father.
  • Maize (Corn) 27%
  • Soya Beans 16%
  • Sunflowers 9%
  • Vegetable and Fruit Production. 11%
  • Irrigation 17%
  • Employee Wages 20%

How do funds get used in Eden's agriculture?

The chart to the left shows the financial breakdown for the approixmately $45,000 used on agriculture in the last year at Eden Ministires Inc. Our greatest expenditure is in grain crops, followed by employment (a year round expense), then in the feed and medication to care for animals and finally, in the production of consumeable fruits and vegetables for our children. Every year the cropping at Eden requires approximately $45,000. In 2017 we purpose to venture into year-round crop production with the assistance of a large irriagation scheme donated by Rotary International. Please consider partnering with Eden Ministries in agricultural production in 2016-2017 and sacrificially giving a piece of the $80,000 needed for year-round production.

Maize (Corn):                                The main crop produces about 135 tons per year. 65 tons for human consumption and 70 for livestock feed mixes. This is the source of food for nearly all people in Zimbabwe and provides our children and staff with absolutely essential food security.
Soya Beans:                                  The main crop for Eden’s oil production and bartering comes from soya means. We reap about 32 tons on a good year and this provides over $16,000 worth of stock feed and oil, as well as, that would have been purchased without producing it.
Sunflowers:                                 Capable of producing 130 litres (28.6 gallons) per ton of cooking oil, Eden plans to venture into cold oil pressing in 2017 to reduce costs and increase the sustainability of the ministry in Zimbabwe. We’ll grow our own sunflowers for cooking oil and press other’s products for sustainability.
Permaculture:                                While not the staple, nutrition intricately depends on fruit and vegetable consumption in correct ratios. Permaculture produces 1200 kilograms of vegetable and fruit matter each month to feed children and staff. Permaculture significantly impacts the needs of every element of Eden Children’s Village.
Want more information about our agriculture?
Send our Administrator of Agriculture an e-mail here!
Want more information about our agicultural practices?
Send our Administrator of Agriculture an e-mail here!

“We have supported Eden’s Children’s Village personally and through our charity since almost the very beginning.  I met Kevin as they were starting this work, and this started a friendship between our families that has certainly blessed us.  We have visited them several times in Zimbabwe, and he and his family has been guests in our house many times. They are some of our closest friends, ones that we share our hearts with as we have each faced the challenges and blessings that have come our way.  We have also become good friends with Ian and Heidi, Rory and Judy, and Patterson and Mercy at ECV.  They are all fantastic people with a heart to serve God.  We continue to personally support their work, and they are one of the biggest recipients of the efforts of our charity.  Through our charity, we have sent many containers of agricultural equipment, medications, clothing, and supplies, and hope to continue our relationship with them as they seek to serve our Lord and Savior in this way.  We have supported several kids at their orphanage, and still stay in contact with the first child we started supporting over 15 years ago even though she is an adult and mother now.  Having that personal relationship with the kids there has been a blessing to our family.”

Dr. Floyd Dowell, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Planting Hope International

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Eden Children’s Village now has the capacity to farm year-round and raise food, medicinal herbs and feeds to sustain life at the Village each year. This will take $80,000 per year and we need your help! We already had $18,000 when we launched the campaign, so that leaves $62,000 to raise for crops in 2017/2018. Visit our YouCaring page and join the effort impact lives through agriculture this year.

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