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Quality education, centered on Christ, encouraging excellence.

Accelerated Christian Education is the curriculum our school currently uses for educating the children in our care. The reason for this is the reality in ACE that a child is able to study as fast or as slow as their learning abilities and/or limitations allow. Every child needs to achieve at least 80% competence in any given book in a subject before they move on to the next book, thus instilling a desire for excellence and the self-esteem of knowing, “I am able to learn” into every child. 


Extracurricular Activities

We strongly believe in the value of education that is gained outside of the classroom setting. To this end, Eden Christian Academy participates in local sporting ventures each term and supports club teams in chess, choir, cricket, health and knitting. The only limitations with clubs is finding adults willing to teach them.

Vocational Education

At Eden, we highly value academics, but we also recognize that not every student has the life circumstnaces or capacities to go to the University level. We engage in vocational training both on-site and in regional trade schools and have a dream to open our own trade school for children to gain practical job skills right at Eden. The goal is that EVERY child is ready to enter adult life, male or female, academic or otherwise, every child must know they are valuable, created on purpose, and necessary in the Kingdom of God and their home nation.













A Standard of Excellence

We desire to see every child attain the vision and capacity to live according to Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work heartily for the Lord and not for men.” ACE instills an expectation of achievement and the belief that achievement is possible for anyone. We delight in our children gaining confidence for adult life through their studies.

Visionary Dreamers

We encourage each of our children to strive to attain high goals in life. However, God has given a different measure of grace to every child. So, whether a child aspires to be a neurosrugeon or a subsistence farmer, we affirm their dream and we strive to give them every tool they need to succeed in whatever dream God had laid on their hearts!

Innovative Capacitation

In nations where economies are struggling, often a new idea means the difference between life and death. We want to equip our children to be deep-thinking, creative, confident people who aren’t overwhelmed by life, but who take the challenges they face as opportunties for God to be glorified through new and exciting revelation and creativity.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Most of all, we desire each of our children to have encountered the person of Jesus Christ and the love of Almighty God in Him before they are finished with school and leave us for adult life. ACE is one of the tools that we have chosen to assist in this goal or Village wide exposure to Jesus Christ. Not all meet him, but many many do! 

Our Story

Eden Christian Academy began in 2004 when we realized that our children in the local government schools were not achieving educational standards that would prepare them for functional life in society. Many were failing to attain 50% of a given subject  but were being passed on to the next grade because the schools had no capacity for remediation. We made the decision to begin remediation for our children and have witnessed many children flourish in this environment. Much has changed in the local governmental setup in the past 12 years and we now openly engage in sending some children to government school too, while allowing for the extensive remediation that many chldren require after losing years of their education while taking care of dying parents. The deep love we have for each child urges us to try and give the best educational foundation we possibly can, so that they might have the best possible start to adult life. Many overcome so many odds and trials to arrive at graduation of any kind and we celebrate being part of writing a better story for each one of our incredible, beloved children! We delight in the success of each child and believe every single person can live a joyful, faithful and productive life by faith in Jesus.

Moving toward a dream!

Currently, Eden Christian Academy is constructing a Early Childhood Development Centre. This will be our very first regisertered and fully recognized educational facility. For 12 years our school has met in 4 locations scattered around our community. Our dream is to get all of our students in one location, fully recognized and established for future ministry and life-impact. 

We envision the school functioning as a self-sustaining entity, educating orphaned children from Eden Children’s Village, but also welcoming students from the community and even beyond the local community to enage in high quality education and character formation through exposure to and belief in the Good News of Jesus Christ. 


Meet our school Aministrative Team

Mercy Stephano

Mercy Stephano

Head Mistress and Shona Teacher

Mercy is a Senior Administrator at Eden Children’s Vilage and Eden Christian Academy. Mercy’s heart is that every child has a quality foundation upon which to build a quality life. She sees education as vital to that end and strives to steer the ECA ship always in a clearly Christ-centered, God-honoring direction that produces true followers of Jesus and productive citizens of Zimbabwe and the Kingdom of God. 

Bvuma Mangitoni

Bvuma Mangitoni

Guidance Counselor

Bvuma is a trained counselor who started out at Eden as an ordinary farm hand. His passion, drive and determination led him to achieve his goal of attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Counseling. Now, Bvuma is serving the children of Eden Children’s Village and Eden Christian Academy with career counseling, as well as, emotional support and assistance in dealing with the very difficult beginnings of their lives. 

Bernadette Sixpence

Bernadette Sixpence

ICDL Teacher, Computer Lab Supervisor and School Clerk

Bernadette champions the cause of educating each of our young people in computer literacy and function in the modern world. Bernadette received an award this year for having the most improved results among her students of any teacher of ICDL in the nation. Bernadette is meticulous and requires committed diligence from each student. In her spare time Berna also serves as an assistant to Headmistress Stephano in the school office.

Vocational Education

Many of the young people who come to us have incredibly immense obstacles to overcome to achieve even a 7th grade education. For many students, graduation from High School and success in University just isn’t a possiblity or a dream that they desire. We don’t see that reality as failure at all and encourage each child to achieve absolutely as high as they can, and even a little further before we allow them to switch to the vocational track. The aim of this track is to prepare any child who has no ambition for tertiary education to prepare for adult life by acquiring real life, practial skills to render them capable and desireable in the competative job market of Zimbabwe. Our students learn sewing, mechanics, metal working,  wood working, construction or agriculture as a means to prepare for adult life on their own. We dream of building our own fully recognized vocational school in the near future. If this dream that God has put on our hearts resonates with what God is doing in your heart, join us in building the Eden Ministries Vocational Educational Centre (we use British English in Zimbabwe, that’s not a typo).

Impact Vocational Education

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“This school, small as it may be, is going to impact the nation of Zimbabwe in Jesus’ name. Future lawyers, politicians, pastors, legislators, mothers, fathers and famers will be raised up and lovingly instructed in the ways of God. Join us making an eternal impact in these tremendous young lives.”

-Ian Fry, Administrator of Discipleship

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“Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.”

– William Carey