The Team

We are weak, but God's strength is made perfect in weakness.

Kevin and Susan Fry

God birthed Eden in Kevin and Susan’s hearts in 1997. They have extensive experience in group foster care from early on in their marriage, but went on to careers in their chosen professions of landscape architecture and home economics respectively. God intervened on a trip to Zimbabwe in 1997 and since that time, the Frys have lived with one passion, to answer Jesus’ call, “Who will love these children for me.” That’s what God spoke to Kevin in 1997 and the Frys continue to answer with a resounding “Here we are, send us.” What God has created at Eden is  the direct result of the Fry’s willingness to go.

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Patterson and Mercy Stephano

God called the Stephanos to Eden in 2005 as a nearly married couple. They both came with a passion for Jesus and desire to serve hurting children. Patterson serves as Administrator of Child Welfare and Intercultural Liason. Mercy serves as Headmistress of Eden Christian Academy as an affirmation of her heartcry to see every orphan educated well and fully equipped to function at the very highest level in Zimbabwean society. The Stephanos love Jesus, and this, above all other characteristics, shines through in their sacrificial love for all the children at Eden.             

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Rory and Judy Ervine

The Ervine’s joined the Eden team in 2004 as a result of the unexpected leading of God following the seizure of their previously held family farm. God led Rory and Judy to stay in Doma and begin caring for the very same people who had taken their home, livelihood and life’s work. The Ervine’s dramatically embodied the forgiveness and love of God as the Spirit led them to stay and share Christ’s love with anyone and everyone who came in need. Rory is the Administrator of Agriculture and Labor Relations and Judy is the State Registered Nurse in charge of the Eden Herbal Medical Clinic. 

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Debbie Lenthall

Debbie (Debs) is the Girls Discipleship Coordinator at Eden. Debs loves Jesus and longs for every girl at Eden to know how much her Heavenly Father loves and cherishes her. Debs leads multiple Bible studies geared toward helping the girls live their faith in Jesus and to help find that faith for the first time. Deb joined the Eden team in 2010, originally as a primary school educator until transitioning into full time discipleship in 2016. Debs is Zimbabwean and serves at Eden with the passion to see her homeland filled with the knowledge and love of God.

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Ian and Heidi Fry

God led Ian and Heidi to join the Eden team in 2011 after graduating from Johnson University. The Frys love Jesus and long to share Him and the joy of following Him with everyone they meet. Ian serves as Administrator of Discipleship and Heidi serves as full-time caregiver and teacher to their children. Together, they long to lift Jesus up as life and hope to all men and make disciples of all nations. They pour out their lives in intentional discipleship to that end. They have a passion for outreach, evangelism and discipleship, as well as,  agriculture, culinary kindness and chocolate.

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Jeff and Carole Way

The Ways were called to Eden in powerful and dramatic fashion. Jeff and Carole came to Eden in 2013 to see if this might be a ministry they could partner with and Jeff realized, on the very first morning, that this was the very place he had seen 10 years earlier in a powerful dream. Jeff serves as Overseer of Construction and Head Carpenter. Carole serves as Licensed Practical Nurse and resident Midwife for the Eden Herbal Medical Clinic. The Ways are passionate about living Jesus with the children of Eden and sending them into life with a deep relationship with their Father God, knowing they were never orphaned by Him!

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Clayton and Hollie Womack

The Womacks are in the process of preparing to move to Zimbabwe, where they will physically join the Eden team. Clayton and Hollie have always been open to foreign missions together, but it wasn’t until late in 2015 that Clayton received clear word from the Lord: “Unreached people in Zimbabwe.” Not knowing any specifics of the what, when, or how, they began to accept the reality that the Lord had something in mind for them there. After visiting Eden, they have felt the Lord’s leading to join with Straight Paths at Eden. The Womacks desire to live set apart lives in worship to Jesus Christ. Their calling is to offer this wonderful, abundant life to those who don’t know Him through discipling dedicated believers to reach their unreached neighbors in Zimbabwe.

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Tom and Kay Lynn Aylard

The Aylard’s hearts are devoted to Jesus and their lives are dedicated to the call He placed on them for Africa. Tom serves as Chief Financial Officer of Eden Ministries Inc. and Kay Lynn works in Community Health Evangelism and facilitating sustainable development and orphan care. Tom and Kay Lynn are pioneering the prayerful outreach effort to increase Eden’s influence in caring for more orphans in further African countries. The Aylards are currently in California while we prayerfully ask God for open doors in one of Zimbabwe’s neighboring nations.

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Commitment to Christ

Eden Ministries is expressedly and unashamedly composed of followers of Jesus Christ. We exist to give Him glory and share His love with the world. This is an non-negotiable requirement to joining this team as a foreign missionary or senior indigenous staff member.

Continuing Jesus' Ministry

Jesus came preaching the Good News of His Kingdom, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and freeing the oppressed. We desire to co-labor with Him in ministering to the whole person, not to just one of every person’s needs, but to all of those needs. We call this holistic and we are passionate about it!

Co-Operative Approach

We are not a team of foreigners trying to impose our will and ways on the nations we enter. We desire to join locals in their dreams and aspirations to serve God and honor Christ by being His Body. As much as possible, we join the dream, we don’t create it! We long to see African brothers and sisters empowered to thrive for Jesus’ glory!

Faith-Filled Thinking

We long to live in the reality that God can do and does do far more abundantly than all we can ask or imagine.  We delight in seeking His heart and trying to follow by faith and not sight, no matter how ludicrous His leading may seem. We love the adventure of following Jesus and hope you’ll join us!

Here are some of the dreams God has planted in our hearts.

Enjoy and come dream and pray with us!

Vocational Training and Sustainability

“I long to see Eden more self-sufficient and providing for its needs from inside Zimbabwe. I feel creating rustic, handmade furniture from available materials is one of the ways to help make that happen. I look forward to training young men and women who want to work with wood in the skills necessary to do this!”

– Jeff Way

The Love of the Father

“The love of God as a perfect, passionate Father radically changed my life. My heart was crushed for the hardship, fatherlessness and pain of orphaned children in Zimbabwe and my father-heart has godly desire to have everyone of my precious children know Him as I have come to know Him. To see Him as a good, trustworthy, gracious, kind, and compassionate Father to His children.”

-Kevin Fry

Strong, Empowered, Faithful Leaders

“Only God knows what the children in our care will go on to achieve and become in this world. I believe we have some of the most influential people in the future of this great nation in our care and we pray longingly over that future for each child. With a strong education, deep faith and tangible relationship with Jesus, literally nothing can stand in their way.”

– Mercy Stephano

Gospel Ministers and Missionaries

“I dream of seeing many of these wonderful children so gripped with the reality of their new life in Jesus that they surrender all and follow Christ to unreached peoples and forgotten peoples all over this earth. I feel called to prepare them for that journey and get their hands, hearts and faith ready to stand the test all the way to the throne room of God, by life or death.”

– Ian Fry

Healed, Loved, Balanced Citizens

“My heart cries out to see every child grow beyond the pain and brokenness that brought them to Eden. I deeply desire to see every child know God’s love and that of His people through the Church. Beyond this healing, I long for each child to go out into our great nation and impact those who have suffered similarly with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.”

– Patterson Stephano

Abundance and Sustainability

“Eden cares for so many people in a holistic way. Food, clothing, employment, education and exposure to the Good News of Jesus. My hearts desire is to see that provision become more completely funded and sustained within the country of Zimbabwe. I envision helping to make this happen through sustainable agricultural practices and year round cropping to enable more children to find refuge and hope in this blessed place.”

– Rory Ervine

Indigenous Empowerment and Ownership

“As Eden continues to grow and mature as a ministry, we long to see African believers grow into maturity and strength to the place that they can assume the leadership of Eden Children’s Village and take the ministry into the future decades of childcare in faithfulness and dedication to Jesus Christ. As Jesus trained up the disciples and then left them to continue the work, we long to see the Zimbabwean Christians owning Eden as their own.”

– Tom Aylard

Free Mobile Clinic

“Having the Clinic has made us keenly aware that many people in the rural areas live without the most basic healthcare options and often die of completely preventable disease. Children suffer the most under this reality and that shatters my heart. As we care for the orphans first and make every effort to give them the best possible health foundation, I dream and pray for the chance to take basic healthcare to the most rural people in Jesus’ name. I want them to know the God who created them by compassionate care, if no other way, before they leave this world. “

– Judy Ervine

Capable, Well Educated World-Changers

“We love every child at Eden passionately. We long to see each one achieve ambitous, God-given dreams that will launch them into extremely impactful lives. We believe all of the children God sends to us can and will shape this nation for Jesus Christ in the generations to come. I long to see every one of our kids leave with all the tools they need to succeed in their specific calling, having all the confidence of God’s mighty power in them to accomplish those dreams for His glory.”

– Susan Fry

Partner with One of our Misisonaries!

By joining the efforts of these leaders, you will enable Gospel ministers and empowered followers of Jesus to be trained, encouraged and released for the glory of God in Christ Jesus for many years to come. When you join one of these families, you say “Yes” and “Amen” to the work of the Holy Spirit through them and empower them to continue serving by faith as none of these missionaries have a steady income outside of Spirit-led support from the Body of Christ. We strive to walk by faith, not sight and trust the Lord to take care of our daily bread.


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