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Surrogate Family Environment

We desire for every child to KNOW they are loved, valuable and wanted in this life. Our hope is to create an environment where a house becomes a family. We have two care-givers and an average of 10 children in each of our care-giving facilities. Currently, we have 7 houses at the Village.

Young Adult Homes

Many of our children are not ready to enter adult life at 18 years of age. High School isn’t finished and the life skills needed to function successfully in adult life are still being developed. Our young adult homes form the first step from living in the Village to living in the world at large. Given more reaponsibility and freedom, young men and women being getting ready to leave Eden as a productive citizen of the Kingdom of God and the nation of Zimbabwe.

The Village

Eden Children’s Village is the backbone of Eden Ministries Inc. and forms the main purpose of all that exists in the community renewal project in Doma, Zimbabwe. We exist to impact these young lives in Jesus’ name and we are passionate about them.

Children under age 18.

Young-Adults: over 18 but not finished with their education yet.

Community-Based children living with relatives or foster parents.

Children positively impacted by the Love of God in Jesus so far.

A few of the success stories and miracles God has performed for the precious lives that have come to Eden. We call it, bragging on Jesus!

Impossible Grace

Thrown in a blair toilet, Lucas should have died, but God had other plans for this little one! Someone heard him crying and dug down several feet through the parched, concrete-like African soil of the dry season to get him out of the toilet and save his life. Today, he’s healthy, happy and loved in a surrogate family. We praise Jesus for sparing this precious little life.

Excelling to Professionalism and Ministry

Pauline came to Eden as a very small girl. She’s overcome the adverse circumstances in which her life began and is studying to become and Actuarial Accountant, having succeeded at all levels of Secondary Education. Pauline also has a profound and unyielding call upon her heart to share the Good News of Jesus with lost souls. She plans to use Actuarial Accounting as tent-making for ministry in Jesus’ name. We are so proud of Pauline and the mature young woman that she has become.

Miraculous Survival

His mother dug into an ant mound, put her baby inside and coverd the hole, leaving him to die, but God brought a hunter who saved his life! Akanaka was not destined to die in the ground, alone and unwanted. Jesus saved this boy and we are privileged to be a part of the Father’s plan for his little life. Now he has a home, he’s wanted, cared for and loved dearly!

Pastor, Teacher, and Father

Simon came to Eden with his brother, Anyway, at 14 years old. Simon had lost several years of school while living with his grandmother, but applied himself and excelled in education finishing his “O” Levels and going on to get a diploma in Ministry, a diploma in Theology and is nearly finished with a degree in Secondary Education. Simon is a preacher in the local church in his home town of Karoi and is married with one child. Simon has overcome the circumstances that could have destroyed him and is flourishing.

Caterer and Hospitality Manager

Talent came to Eden at 10 years old after her AUNTIE died on a nearby farm and she no longer had any relatives to live with. Though she struggled some academically, Talent never stopped working and finished Intermediate Level in 2013 and started studying Catering and Hotel Management in a provincial trade school. Eden pursued a practical training internship through a private game reserve in Maraondera and Talent did so well that they put her on the permanent staff! In November 2016, Talent graduated from her course in has now established herself in employment and is living adult life fully functionally!

Committed Servant of Jesus

Elijah came to Eden in 2007 after his parents passed away and his family members could not adequately provide for him. He came to stay with an uncle who worked for Eden as a builder at the time. After a short while, his uncle left Eden, but Elijah stayed in our care and continued with his education. Within the last twelve months Elijah has met Jesus Christ in personal and drammatic fashion and has accepted the call of the Lord to enter into full-time Christian ministry. Elijah will finish High School in 2017 and plans to head into our Straight Paths discipling program to prepare for an adult life fully dedicated to serving Jesus!

Zimbabwean Missionary to the Nations

Victor Mahlahla came to Eden as the 2nd oldest child of a widowed mother. His mother struggled intensely to care for her children and eventually left all but one of them in Eden’s care to give them the best possible opportunities for life. Victor gave his life to Jesus in 2013 after hearing the Gospel clearly presented by Mike Perkins who visited Eden from Indiana. Victor really was reborn that day and has had one call on his life since soon after his baptism: to be a missionary and take the Good News to lost people outside of his own country. Victor will be finishing High School while he begins getting agricultural and Biblical training in our Straight Paths discipling program starting in January 2017.

Evangelist and Church Planter

After coming to Eden at 11 years old, Anyway excelled in his education at Secondary and University levels and has returned to Zimbabwe to share the hope of Jesus that has transformed his life. Anyway is working on a Masters in Intercultural Studies and plans to embark on full-time church planting after 2 years of service to the youth of Eden which ends in 2017. Anyway has the unmistakeable heartbeat of one touched by the love of God in Christ! His soul yearns to see other lost sheep find the life, freedom and purpose of knowing the Savior. 

Seamstress, Wife and Mom

Elizabeth was one of Eden’s very first graduates and success stories. Elizabeth came to Eden with her brother, Tinei, who was dying from AIDS (Tinei passed away with organ failure a month after placement at Eden).  Elizabeth finished high school at Mhangura Secondary School, and went on to vocational training in commercial sewing in Harare.  She is a successful seamstress and she crafted her own wedding dress (pictured) which was exquisitely detailed. Kevin Fry was honored to walk her down the aisle!  She is now a devoted wife and a mother living a dynamic Christian life.

Unfortunately, we cannot share ALL of the stories with you here on this site. Every person, every child is an increidble story of God’s love, concern and intervention on behalf of His dearly loved children. Hopefully these testimonies wet your appetite to hear more about God’s faithfulness and mercy in lives of Zimbabwean children. If you’re interested in reading more stories and possibly determining to impact one of these precious lives contact our Child Sponsorship Coordinator HERE.

“We believe every child that comes to Eden is here by God’s intentional design. We believe He loves them dearly and has glorious vision and purpose for every single life. It is our delight to join God in revealing Himself to our beautiful children and to walk with them as they discovery His dreams for them.”

-Kevin Fry, Founder of Eden Ministries Inc.

Care-giving homes in Doma Township.

Full time care-givers and alternates serving the children.

Lives impacted daily through full-time care in every way!

Join us in Impacting Lives for Eternity!

Child sponsorship is the life-blood of Eden Children’s Village and people just like you really make this ministry possible. Some people say they do nothing because they cannot do “a lot,” but we believe every Christian, when doing at least a little, can make a gigantic, collective impact on this world in Jesus’ name.

Sponsor 1 Life


My name is Simon Mupesewa. I was born 31 years ago to a very poor family. My salvation was not easy, both physically and spiritually. I lost both parents at a tender age. That was tragic and unspeakable. I became a school drop out immediately after the death of my mother in 1999. I had lost all hope of ever going back to school again and I had accepted my fate. Little did I know that I was going to be helped by the Lord through a most unexpected source. It was in January 2000 when a white lady and her son drove their brown Jeep Cherokee all the way to Makonde (5 hours into nowhere). These were none other than Susan and Ian Fry. That encounter with the Fry’s became a turning point in my life. I arrived at Eden in January 2000 and I was quickly sent back to school. I must say that was my first time to wear school shoes. It was at Eden where my health was restored through eating good and quality food. Of great impression to me was the love that the Frys and the mothers had for me.  Through mixing and mingling, I had a sense of identity and belonging. I now had a family to lean on. I was taught the ways of the Lord at Eden which had great impact on my life. I also learnt to have a humanitarian heart. That is when I learned to empty myself for others. I learnt the concept of sharing our possessions with those in need. At Eden my life completely changed for the good. Some people say blood is what makes a family, but at Eden I found that love is stronger than blood. Kevin and Susan took me into their home and into their hearts, and most importantly, they loved me as if I were their own son. The strong Christian background that the Frys had also positively effected my life, to the extent that I took a Bible course. Another good thing I learnt at Eden is never to stand in anybody’s way as they never stood in mine. I was sent to Zimbabwe Christian College and United Theological College. I pursued my goals until I succeeded. I was also taught some practical skills that I though were only for women, but I find them very helpful in my own house. I was taught to avoid moral decadence through a no nonsense code of conduct and that has made me a responsible man. Even if I live to be a thousand years old, I can never meet dedicated people like Kevin and Susan Fry. Eden will forever remain my home.

Simon Mupesewa

Pastor, Teacher, Father and Husband

What are the sponsorship options?

You can drammatically impact the life of an orphaned child today. By choosing to sponsor a child, you join Eden Ministries Inc. and become and extension of the Body of Jesus Christ, caring for the orphans as mentioned in James 1:27. Thank you for considering Child Sponsorship! You’ll never regret it.

Child Sponsorship Giving

The most common form of financial partnership, if you choose Child Sponsorship, you commit to impacting a child’s life by assisting in providing food, shelter, a loving care-giver, education, medical care and spiritual instruction through a monthly contribution of your choice.

Scholarship Donations

Education is hugely important in assisting orphaned children to break the cycles of poverty and launch into life with all the tools and capacities needed to successfully navigate challenges as a productive member of the Kingdom of God and of the great nation of Zimbabwe.

Project Based Donations

Eden is always building and expanding to accomodate more children in Jesus name and increase the quality of care we provide for all of our children. With this type of giving, you choose where to put your money to make the impact you’d like to make!


Expanding Vision

In 2017 we’ll begin modifying each of our homes to prevent any further fires from destroying the investments and terrorizing young lives with fear. To do this, we’ll be modifying our entire cottage layout to accomodate family units and support steel roofing. Please pray for us as we seek to reimagine our orphan-care homes with greater safety and stability for long-term care.

Rebuilding ECV #4

Eden Children’s Village House #4 will be the first prototype of the reimanged Village construction that will embody saftey and family as our greatest aim, after glorifying God through faith in Jesus. Funds for ECV #4 are already raised, but you can partner with us in making each home at Eden Children’s Village more fireproof though steel roofing.

Solar Lighting and Water Heaters

In 2017 we plan and hope to equip each of our home with solar panels, backup batteries and solar water heaters to cut down on energy consumption and provide hot water that is gravity fed (something that’s been in short supplies due to power issues for quite some time). Solar lighting will cost $3000 per home and a solar water heater will cost $1000 per house. Click on the “Impact Housing” button above if you want to partner in this project.

Social Work Administrative Office and Counseling Rooms

In 2017 we plan to remodel the inside of an old container and place it at the Village to serve as an administrative office for our Administrator of Social Work-Patterson Stephano, and as a play-therapy counseling room for our licensed counselor, Bvuma Mangitoni to work with our children for emotional healing.

Pray. Go. Give.

“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”

— Amy Carmichael, missionary to India

To God be ALL the glory for anything and everything at Eden Children’s Village!