The Vision

To raise productive citizens of the Kingdom of God and of the nation of Zimbabwe to the glory of God the Father, exalting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through replicating His life and ministry while He was on the earth.

The Village

The primary mission of Eden Ministries in Doma, Zimbabwe is realized in Eden Children’s Village. All other ministries at Eden Children’s Village-Doma revolve around caring for the children in holistic fashion. Holism and the determined effort to minister in that way gives rise to the many facets of the current ministry model at Eden.

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The Farm

Eden Farm exists to provide as much of the vegetables, fruit, meat, milk and eggs that the Children’s Village and employees need as possible. By God’s grace, the gravel patch in a township provides a high percentage of what we need to care for all the people associated with Eden.

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The School

Eden Christian Academy exists as a remedial educational facility to prepare orphaned and disadvanted children in preparing for adult life as productive citizens of the Kingdom of God and the nation of Zimbabwe.

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The Clinic

The Eden Herbal Medical Clinic was created in response to dire need for free medical care in some desparate times. Now we’ve been privileged to treat 32,000 people entirely free of charge in Jesus’ name.

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Kevin and Susan Fry

Kevin and Susan Fry

Founders and Directors of Eden Ministries Inc. and Eden Children's Village

Kevin and Susan founded Eden Ministries as Goshen Christian Church African Ministries in 1998. Eden has grown and blossomed much faster into the large undertaking that they originally envisioned, but we’ve yet to realize all God had in His mind from the beginning! We took in our first child in 2000 and have had the honor of caring for 250 total up to this current time. If you’d like to read the whole story, please visit our much more detailed description HERE! Kevin and Susan spend 8 months in Zimbabwe and 4 months traveling and raising funds for the orphanage each year. We are all delighted to join them in the calling and tremendous blessing of following God’s call to love Him through caring for orphans, widows and lost souls across the globe.

Children have been given a home, education, food and love.

Zimbabweans have steady employment.

Rural Zimbabweans have received free medical treatment.

Christians from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Italy, Thailand, Germany, and the Netherlands partner to care for these chidren.

Building Blocks of This Holistic Ministry

A Safe Home

Children are incredibly vulnerable and orphans even more so. We strive to place each child in a Christian family setting with everything they need to flourish. Our homes provide each child with a stable, loving environment to facilitate healing from the trauma that brought them to us and find bearing and hope for the future.

Physical Nourishment

Human bodies need optimal nutrition. Many children come to us malnourished, and getting their health back on track with a balanced diet is a top priority. Buying everything needed isn’t possible in our remote and challenging environment, so we grow as much as we possible can of all that is needed.

Quality Education

We long for every one of our children to fulfill the dreams God has placed on their hearts. Every child gets a high quality education to facilitate whatever dream they want to pursue. We encourage each child to pursue a purposeful, productive life, filled with ambition for the glory of God and good of Zimbabwe. We believe education is a huge part of our children’s future success.

A Loving Care-Giver

Each of our homes has either a husband and wife or a House Mother and Auntie who provide full-time familial support to our children as their practically adoptive care-givers. Our care-givers are well trained, passionate people who strive to love each child as their very own and give the same level of support and encouragment that they give to their own children.

Medical Treatment

Many of our children come in dire physical condition and require extensive medical intervention to stop their decline and get their growth, development and future back on track. The Clinic also serves as a key identification opportunty where children-at-risk are found and the authorities alerted about any possible abuse or neglect.

Spiritual Health

Humans are spiritual beings, created to know and love God. Our children have trained ministers of the Gospel and trained house parents nurturing their souls and mentoring them. We long to see every child meet Jesus Christ and to know the love of Father God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit before they leave our care.

How can you make an Impact?

There are three primary ways you can get involved with Impacting Lives for Eternity.

Pray, pray, pray!

Join the Eden Ministries Prayer Team and constantly lift this ministry up to the Father in tagible, practical partnership.


Contact us, plan a trip, pack a bag and come see and experience for yourself what the Lord is doing.


Join us financially, too. Determine to use your life and resources to impact the eternity of precious Zimbabweans and all those whom their lives will touch.

Sponsor a Child

Your life and generosity can make a dramatic impact on the life of a Zimbabwean child. Join us in making a holistic impact in the lives of these beloved children. You’ll never regret your investment in these incredible lives, we promise!

Help Feed the Hungry

Help feed 165 orphans, 125 employees and their families. In a nation where purchasing food is not alway a guarantee, cropping is absolutely essential to survival for everyone.

Help Heal the Sick

The Clinic is our greatest outreach tool into the greater community of the Doma region. We treat nearly 300 people per week entirely free of charge and you can make this ministry of compassion continue! You can help us extend the loving, healing hands of Jesus to the sick and fearful of this region.

Help Build a Cottage

You can Impact 1 Life by helping to build a home for 10 orphans and 2 care-givers. Zimbabwe currently has an estimated 1.75 million orphaned children and capacity to care for only about 5% of those children in government-sanctioned residential care. Please consider helping us to impact more of these precious, eternal souls with the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus!

Support an Indigenous Missionary

Several young men who have grown up at Eden have discerned the calling of God to go into the world to serve Him and proclaim His love in Jesus Christ. They are the first generation disciples ready to go and seek the next generation and sow the seeds of the Gospel believing for Kingdom Multiplication in rural Zimbabwe and to the ends of the earth.

Help Get God's Word into People's Hands

We believe “faith comes by hearing, and hearing from the word of Christ.”(Rom.10:17) By faith, we long to get print and solar audio Bibles into the hands of every village, family, and person in our district by 2020. Printed Shona Bibles cost an average of $10 and are quite readily available in the capital city at this time. We would like to distribute 2,000 every year through evangelism and church planting. Will you join us?
Impact 1 Life
I commit to partner
I want my funds to go to


 1 Billion people.

40 million orphans.

1 Lifetime to Make an Impact!

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Mailing Address:

Eden Ministries Inc.

2133 Berkey Avenue,

Goshen, Indiana 46526


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